clean water

Xamxamle Safe Water project, for Community Development

Help us make The Water Promise in the rural areas a reality in this year and the year's ahead, Organisations are already implementing this wonderful humanitarian act or ( Sadaqa ) all över the world, new initiatives and your commitments will make it possible to reach every community we plan to help.

Donate one well or just give sadaqa for this course and safe lives. And also remember that this is a ( Sadaqa Jaria ) and your help will inshaAllah be a

continuous award, that gives ( Ajar ) reward in this earth and here efter as long as it does some good to mankind .

Please don't wait to get involved, Communities Need Immediate Funding

For more info: call the center 0046 735625999 

 Bank: Nordea

PlusGiro : 58 89 89-4

BankGiro: 728-9275

Iban : SE10 9500 0099 6026 0588 9894

Swift / bic :  NDEASESS