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Zakat Al-Fitr 2023

Matpaket Itaam för 2022

Zakat Al-Fitr 2022

A study day at the Gambia National Assembly.  26/1-2022

A great day for the grade 5 and 6 who have visited the Gambia National assembly and the national museum in Banjul to strengthen their basic knowledge in gambian rule of law and revisit our historical background at the national museum

we are thanking Allah , the parents and everyone especially our sponsors in sweden who did make this journey possible for all of us

May Gud bless you and your families

The staff of Hatab Bojang Islamic institute on a Day workshop on school orientation and management; 2021

Zakat Al Fitr 2021 Distribuerat i Gambia

Ramadan food-package distibutions from ssgt members in collabration with Xamxamle Dawah Foundation in the Gambia

Zakat al- Fitr 2020  är ( 80 kr ) per person

Det är jätte viktigt att ni betalar i god tid för att den ska hinna nå de behövande så fort som möjligt och gör nytta under Ramadan.

Sprid detta till vänner och bekanta att Xamxamle Dawah Foundation i samarbete med Svensk Senegambisk Trossamfund är en bra val där din Zakat al- Fitr gör nytta. Era ansträngningar gör att människor får mat på bordet.  Glöm inte att du får mycket belöning för varje välgärning som du gör.

Betala genom (Xamxamle plusgiro) 58 89 89-4

eller Swisha till 073 5625999

Välj hur många Zakat al- Fitr du vill betala:  och Skriv:

Z1: för en person, 80:-  , Z2: för två personer 160:-   ,  Z3: för tre personer,240:)

     Z4: för fyra personer, 320:                       Z5: för fem personer, 400:-) osv.....

Glöm inte era Zakatulmal ( förmogengets zakat ) eller sadaqa skickas till Xamxamle   Plusgiro: 58 89 89-4

Din Välgörenhets Organisation

Mata en familj under ramadan från bara 30 kr.

Feed a family for only 30kr/dag

End of first term assemble 2021

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xamxamle 21 new

Onbehave of the Dawah Foundation, we are wishing you all Ramadan mubarak

Några fantastiska minnen under år 2019 -2020.

Some great memories during 2019 -2020.

Hatab Bojang Islamic

Institute, Busumbala

School has reopened and all class activities has resummed, it is hard to recompensate what these student has lost due to the covid-19 but the school administration will do there best to anable these students recapture all lost lesson in the near feature.. 

 We therefore thank all child sponsorers for their monthly donations /sadaqa to anable these children go back to school.. 

Zakat Al-Fitr 2020

Zakat Al fitr in collaboration with SSGT-sweden

Zakat Al fitr for Al salaam Mosque boulvard hull uk

Zakat Al fitr 2020 Tallinding

#Covid 19#
SSGT( svensk senegambisk trossamfund) distributed food packages to over 100 families in the Gambia in colaboration with Xamxamle dawah foundation

( A brief explanation about ramadan )

Ramadan starts on Tuesday 13 of April and last untill the 12 of May 2021

The start of the month of fasting will be determined by the sighting of the new moon,

Why does Ramadan vary each year?

Ramadan is the ninth month in the Islamic calendar, which is based on a lunar calendar where each month begins at the start of a new moon.

As lunar months are shorter than solar months it means the Islamic calendar does not correspond with the Gregorian calendar followed in the West. It means Ramadan occurs around 10/11 days earlier each year.

The start of Ramadan also varies from country to country by about a day, depending on when the new moon is sighted. 

What is Eid al-Fitr?

Eid al-Fitr is the ‘festival of the breaking of the fast’ and marks the end of Ramadan each year.

Muslims wish each other a happy Eid during the celebrations by saying “Eid Mubarak” and often gather with family and friends to eat and pray together.

The festival can last for up to three days and also sees people give money to charity as part of celebrations.


Zakat al fitr 

Xamxamle dawah Foundation was entrusted to distribute zakat al fitr 2014,2015.2016.2017,2018,2019. the foundation has sucessfully perform the task with other corresponding foundation like Umul Qura in the Gambia and senagal. 

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