Hatab Bojang Islamic School

VIP: Xamxamle Dawah Foundation management is hereby thanking all anonymous sponsors to Hatab Bojang Islamic institute, hence we do not have your addresses or telephone numbers, we will rather thank you through our website for all your generous donations to the school

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May allah bless you all..

Hatab Bojang Islamic Institute, Busumbala

The school is an institution sponsored by certain individuals through the Dawah Foundation in Sweden. it is part of our main dawah projects

to help the orphans and lokal communities to bring their children to school. This is a great achivement for both of us and the busumbala sanjonding community, hence by you sending a child go to school will make a great impack and provide oppotunities in their future lives

Inverst your wealth in this charitable Foundation.. may allah protect our families and guide all sponsors..

#sponsor a child go to school.


For more info: call the center 0046 735625999 or Imam Amadou khan , tel: ‎0046 736290674

or just click the button below to register as a monthly child sponsor for only 50 kr/ 5 pounds/ 5 dollas /250 dalasis, or just donate or give          ( sadaka ) to help uphold the school administration

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